Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Luke: The man

We have all heard about the book of Luke. Luke himself is a quite interesting character and writer in the New Testament. He has a medical history. I believe that because of this past he has a more detailed account of all that happened during his time. He uses descriptions, details, and comparisons to help the audience better understand each occurrence.
Luke uses an interesting use of comparisons. We discussed this in class after which I became fascinated with it. The comparison is that of Zacharias and Mary when they were individually visited by an angel. Luke uses detail to explain the story of Zacharias. The Lord tells him to “fear not, for thy prayer is heard.” The Lord continues to explain many in depth details about the son of Zacharias. Luke makes sure to include all of them. Yet, Zacharias still did not listen to the Lord. Next Luke mentions the young Virgin Mary. Mary was not well-known or prestigious. She was a humble youth who was betrothed to Joseph the carpenter. She was also visited by an angel. Yet, unlike the wise, experienced Zacharias who was doubtful of the Lord’s ability, Mary straightway believed. Luke shows the audience that being a follower of Christ is not a “position.” Instead it is a mind set, humility of spirit that allows one to believe and do.
He also expounds many times on the need for baptism. He repeatedly finds areas to insert more detail about baptism. For example he states, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight,” “preaching baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.” Baptism is necessary for salvation. Luke knew this principle and through many details shared what he could with the audience. When expounding on baptism, he uses one detailed phrase, which I enjoyed. “Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight , and the rough ways shall be made smooth and al flesh shall see the salvation of God. “ Look at that description. It would have been simple enough to say that everyone on earth will know god lives. Yet, he takes the opportunity to show the grandness of his statement.
Luke also seems to be fascinated with women. He expounds more in depth into the stories and parables of women than he does men. He explains in detail about the lady with an issue of blood. This lady was sick for a long time. She could not find a cure. Yet, by the touch of the Saviors garment she was healed. Luke explains that when she touched him “virtue …[went ] out of [Him]. He also expounds on the story of the woman who anoints the feet of Christ. This lady had done many bad things. Her life was one full of sin. Yet, as she learned of Christ she came to understand that He is the Savior. She knew that He was her personal Savior and was going to die for her. Therefore, out of respect and devotion she anointed His feet. This act was one of love. Others chastised her for doing this, yet, Christ was grateful for her service and love. Luke helps us to learn the lesson that we should never judge another’s righteous act.

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