Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eternal Progression: Power of Communication

There are many things in life that help us grow and improve. Some, ofcourse, are bigger than others. While we all strive to do good and make a difference, we also are aware that once we are gone, much of it will only be remembered by a few…or will it. Do we really understand the difference we are making? While at the printing museum I was struck by the reality and impact that one person can have.
At the printing museum I was impressed with the feeling of awe that one gets from someone who has succeeded to do something great. Gutenberg spent 20 years figuring out how to make a move-able type printer. I can imagine after 10 years I would get a little discouraged. Yet, his determination and perhaps spiritual drive to create this world-changing method drove him to keep going. This printer that he created was used for more than 60 years. Think of how fast it takes for someone to come up with a new addition of anything these days. It seems that once we buy a computer it is already outdated. This invention not only helped with faster printing, but through the sources printed it inspired others to think of new ideas. Benjamin Franklin is perhaps the greatest example of this. From a young age he loved to read, his reading caused him to imagine. Then he began working at a printing shop with his brother. At age 17 he became known as the youngest head printer. I strongly believe that it was due to the written word and the ability to print that he had so many great inventions.
Also from the printing press Gutenberg was able to print the Bible. The word of God was able to be in the hands of the people. This was definatly inspired by God.
While at the museum I was struck how everything that God inspires us to do has 1 purpose, and 1 purpose only. This purpose is that of helping and loving us. If Gutenberg had not invented the first printing press think of where we would be right now. We would still be stuck in the middle ages. Few books, high illiteracy rates, and no indoor plumbing. That is what I call a nightmare! Yet, due to this one invention alone we have developed into a nation where we can communicate and know about the issues of the whole world. More importantly we can know the truth. This came about in the 1820’s when a young boy name Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. They then directed him to a book which holds all the truth we need to know about where we came from, why we are on this earth, and where we are going. It tells us of our true relationship with God and how we can progress so that we may become like Him. This book is called the Book of Mormon. It is true. I know it is true. I’ve read it and prayed to know if it is true. I promise anyone that if they will read it and pray, they will know it is truth.

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