Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First week in Fiji

Well I sit here at the computer feeling like a Fijian woman. I know I have only been here 1 week, but I feel like a part of the community. When I see foreigners I am tempted to stare ( only to realize that I am one). This past week has been a great one. James and I searched adn searched and finally found a green house on a hill for our volunteers. It is perfect. I feel like i'm on the mission again because I more easily see all my little prayers being answered. Perhaps it is because I have no school, jobs, or dating to distract me from the spirit. Or perhaps it is just because i'm paying attention and in great need of guidance. I pray all day long from waking up to getting on a mysterious bus to a new part of teh island to buying food. Everything has been so new but I love it. Just yesterday I was taught how to wash my clothing by hand. I feel a little guilty that many people do this everyday and I have always had the comforts of a machine. I have learned how to get around in a country where you have no one to help you. There is no mission president or senior companion to guide you. It is me, James, and the spirit. I'm grateful that neither James or I are shy. We talk to everyone and therefore learn quickly. Many people have been brought into our path to guide and help us. We have found a wonderful cook who is the same lady that will be helping us wash our clothes. Tommorrow we will be participating in a parade around Tavua. It is a parade promoting a Crime Free town.
Yesterday I had a great friend ( who refers to me as her sister) do the beautiful Henna designs on my arm adn hand. She is going to teach me how to do this along with how to cook Indian food.
In Fiji there are 2 groups of people. Fijians and Indo-Fijians. They are not on the best of terms, but they are both wonderful people. You can tell them apart by their hair usually. The Fijian people have more curly hair while Indians have more straight hair. They are beautiful people.
In the past couple days I have had times where it was only me. ME adn the people. I feel like I'm falling in love again. It's only been a week, but these people are eternally apart of my heart. They have already become family.
I have been grateful this week that the spirit has blessed me with peace. No matter if I lose my phone, get lost, can't find a house etc. I had a peace that surrounded me. I think alot of that is because of the beauty of this place. It is the prettiest place I've ever seen. Beauty really does heal the soul!
Well 2 volunteers came in today. We took them to the best bread store and walked around town. It's a great summer. I'm so grateful to be here!


  1. what? you didn't have to wash your clothes by hand on your mission?! i did! it sounds like everything is going fabulously! good luck! keep us posted :)

  2. Holy smokes I wish I was there with you. I'm so glad you'll be keeping up this blog while you're out there! :)

  3. Ha! Now you have to wash your clothes! I always had the hardest time getting all the soap out when I washed clothes in Brazil, so I would be walking around and I would sweat and a little line of white soap would appear. REally attractive. I hope you get to experience some of the awesomeness.

    I'm glad you're having wonderful, loving, mission-like experiences.