Monday, September 21, 2009

New Testament Witnesses

In the New Testament Christ performed many miracles. He gave much counsel. He taught and healed in such a way that after being in his presence, those in attendance were changed. I have noticed specific attributes of those who were witnesses of Christ. First is that they were active, second is that they were forever changed by the experience.
Let’s start with the birth of Christ. Matthew chapter 2 speaks of the exodus of the wise men in search for Christ. It states they, "saw a star and rejoiced." They later found him and worshiped Him. They were not just witnesses, but they were active witnesses. When they saw the star, they sought ought Christ and found him. And when they found him, they worshiped him. In our world today we live in a time of inactivity. By this I mean that many people prefer to watch others "live" their lives from a television screen instead of actively living life. As I have read through the gospels in the Bible, I have found a reoccurring theme. The nature of the true eye witnesses of Christ is change, action, and becoming. I will give a few examples.
1. Luke chapter 8- There was a man who was possessed by many devils. He would scream in the night and run around ragged all day. He remained this way until the master came. The Savior cast out the devils and the man was restored to his natural self. His life, his very body became a sign of the compassion and power of our Savior. He was a witness of how through the Savior one can become whole. Yet, he did not just look at himself say thanks and walk away. He was active. He went to his home and praised the name of God.
2. Luke chapter 8- There was a "woman having an issue of blood 12 years." She heard of Christ. She actively sought Him amidst the tumultuous crowd. She touched Him. One simple touch of his clothes and she witnessed within herself the healing power. She was willing, active, and eternally changed.
3. Matthew chapter 8- Christ healed a leper. The leper was healed. The savior told the leper not to tell others about this occurrence. Yet, the leper knew. He changed. He went away glorifying the name of Christ. It was not just a physical change, but an inner.

4. Mathew 7- A government man‘s servant was sick. He actively sought out Christ. He did not send a servant or maid to find Christ, he directly went to him. The Savior offered to come to his home. Yet, this centurion showed his witness of Christ by saying, “speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” This man saw Christ, yet he did not see him heal his servant. He didn’t have to. He was a true witness of Christ. Or in other words, he actively believed.

As we can see theh witnesses of the New Testament are many. Thihs point causes me to think... am I a witness? Do I believe in Christ enough to actively show it and allow myself to change?

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